Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who needs TraffMe?

TraffMe software is a go-to tool for brokers and affiliate networks in the finance and crypto niche.

So whether you’re running a performance marketing of a direct trading/crypto broker, or starting up a small crypto affiliate network - we got your back!

TraffMe is designed to track, manage and analyze your traffic, it’s a fully automated and user-friendly platform to grow your business with partnership marketing.

2. Which pricing plan will suite your business?

It mostly depends on the size of your team and the needs of your business. If you’re a small affiliate network with team up to 5 members our Smart plan is the best option for you.

Brilliant plan is a go-to option for experienced networks with a large base of partners and traffic volumes, as well as brokers who start growing their performance marketing team (for both - affiliate and mediabuy).

TraffMe Genius is the one and only customisable option to make your traffic management system fit your business needs even more. This plan allows you enjoy not only all features available in Brilliant, but to customise it to the level you need it or even create your own add-on.

3. Can we get a demo?

Sure, we offer a demo of our product so you can consider using it for your business based on knowledge of what you will have at hand.

Please, contact our support to book your time for the demo.

4. Does TraffMe has a trial period?

Currently we’re working on our product release. After TraffMe performance marketing software will be launched we’ll be able to not only give you a demo, but a trial period for your pricing plan as well. Our main concern is to make sure TraffMe meets your needs - in terms of features as well as traffic volumes.

5. What’s the difference with other traffic management tools?

TraffMe is unlike any other traffic management platform, and here are a couple of proofs of that:

  • It is built with a clear understanding and experience of what affiliate marketing teams in the finance niche need;
  • We’ve created Role Management that will suit your business model and secure your team access at every stage of the team growth;
  • Whether you work with live traffic, or you monetize through cold leads - TraffMe covers all partnership marketing strategies with its Traffic Engine and Redistribution System features.